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An Amazing Approach to Modes. Ebook £4.99

An Amazing Approach to Modes

No matter what instrument you play, this eight page ebooklet presents all you need to know about modes in a jazz context. There are 5 important points contained in the book that will unlock the 'secrets' of modes, modal improvisation, modal compositon and modal 'harmony'. Expand your knowledge.

Increase your ability to improvise with informed insight. The information presented here will have that 'lightbulb' effect as the entire concept of modal jazz and modal improvisation becomes crystal clear!

The 5 important points!

  • All the modes are ...
  • All the modes have a ...
  • We can use formulae to quickly work out the ....
  • For the mode to produce it's sound or charater - you must ...
  • To create modal harmony use ...

  • Are you just dying to know? Buy now. Only £4.99

Think Drums Ebook - £4.99

Think Drums

Click on the picture for full details

Beginners to Advanced. 62 pages of awesome content with 57 audio examples. Part of the Special Offer deal.

Think Rock Drums. Ebook - £4.99

Think Rock Drums Click on the picture for full details


Play along drum book. The music and the charts were produced by drummer and composer, Colin Byrne and are rock drums parts written by a drummer, for drummers! They are great pieces with plenty of rhythmic figures for you to phrase with while also learning how to read drum music, learning how to play in time, learning how to count while playing and resting and learning how to phrase with your band to the best effect.

Part of the Special Offer deal.

Think Big Band Drums. Ebook - £4.99

Think Big Band Drums Click on the picture for full details

Definitely for the more accomplished drummer. This is challenging for even the most experienced player.

Four Solos For Drum Kit Using Accents. Ebook-£4.99

Four Accents Solos For Drum Kit

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This 10 page booklet presents 4 impressive solos using simple accent patterns. Once you can play them you're Guaranteed to Impress! Comes with MP3 audio tracks also!
Part of the Special Offer deal.

The Ultimate Timing Challenge. MP3 Download-£4.99

The Ultimate Timing Challenge


The coolest metronome you'll ever use. Click to read more Part of the Special Offer deal.

Special Discount Offer

Think Drums, Think Rock Drums, Four Solos For Drum Kit Using Accents and The Ultimate Timing Challenge.

50% Discount. All for only £9.99

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