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The clips below are short extracts from the CD Leaving For Home by Big Band Byrne. The lo-fi are low quality but a faster download time. The clips at cdbaby are a little better but...

Crazy Monday hi-fi --- lo-fi
Talking hi-fi --- lo-fi
1916 hi-fi --- lo-fi
Leaving For Home hi-fi --- lo-fi
Time To Remind Me hi-fi --- lo-fi
As If Only hi-fi --- lo-fi
Demolition Baritone hi-fi --- lo-fi

You can download the whole of track 2 - Talking, for FREE
Good quality - big file! See end of this page.

If you like what you hear, you can buy the CD from our Online Shop.

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The scores and parts may also be purchased at the Online Shop. You can pay by credit card!

We hope to have some more sound clips in the near future. Meanwhile here are some more for you to enjoy!

Listen to Ode To Chancers 248kb
Listen to St Matthew's Snow 276kb
Listen to Holiday 228kb

Free Download

Free download of Track 2 Talking
Click to the title to open it.

Windows: Right Click > Save As
Mac: Control + Click

You can also listen to 2 minute clips of each track on the CD at cdbaby.com

Order the CD
Leaving For Home £10