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Four Solos For Drum Kit Using Accents

Four Accents Solos For Drum KitThis 10 page booklet presents 4 impressive solos using simple accent patterns. Once you can play them you're Guaranteed to Impress! Comes with audio tracks also! All solos are presented in both traditional notation and also in tabs. There is a system contained at the end of the book that will help you understand tabs if you can read notation and help you understand notation if you can read tabs. Brilliant!

Part of the Special Offer deal.

Solo 1 uses a 1 bar pattern. Solos 2-4 use a 2 bar pattern. The solos will be more impressive the faster you can play these patterns! However do not sacrifice control, even sticking and good dynamics for speed. Fast and messy is no good The dynamics are essential to making these solos sound good. Try to keep the unaccented strokes quiet and the accents just a little louder. Try not to lift the sticks more than 2 inches from the head of the drum. To make the accented strokes, simply lift the stick a little higher, perhaps 6-9inches from the head of the drum. Remember - accents don't need to be loud. They only need to be louder than the other strokes. Only £4.99. Amaze your friends with these amazing solos.

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