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Think Drums Ebook - £4.99Think Drums

Part of the Special Offer deal.

About the Book

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.
All Styles.
Easy to Follow.
Get Quick Results

Think Drums has been carefully put together over many years of teaching, playing, performing, and interacting with other teachers and musicians. Think Drums will get you started from the beginning and take you to an advanced level of playing. You will also be playing in a variety of styles such as rock, pop, blues, jazz, funk. This comprehensive approach to learning drums will enable all players to be well-rounded, knowledgeable, and highly skilled drummers.

Think Drums will give you a firm grounding in the fundamentals of drumming and then take you forward to playing more complex rhythms and patterns. It is recommended that you use this book in conjunction with a good teacher. If this is not possible, the accompanying CD will give you guidance. All the pieces are recorded on the CD in order that you may learn them aurally. My aim is not to teach you how to read drum music and if you don't read, you will find the CD extremely helpful.

The book is themed by using six different rock beats in various styles including rock, funk, 12/8 and shuffle.
Piece III - Bass Drum Workout comes up again and again in various styles.
The book is separated into sections with a foreword explaining the material in each section.
It is recommended that you work through the sections in order.

Highlights Of This Great Instructional Package

With Think Drums you'll get 62 pages of awesome lessons (Beginner Through Advanced) Loaded with instruction and playing examples in Rock, Blues, Jazz. In Standard Notation and 57 CD examples also. Special sections on how to practise properly and effectively, work with a metronome.
Amazing Value

This book contains over 3 years worth of private drum lessons combined with other resources and information. This book is designed to save the drum student money, time, and frustration.

How This Book Is Different

The title of the book Think Drums suggests something doesn't it? This book makes the student think in ways they ordinarily wouldn't and makes the learner analyse the approach he or she may be taking when tackling new rhythms, beats or fills. It is aimed at beginners to advanced students. There is a wealth of concepts and material in the book and the accompanying Audio Files are invaluable in guiding the learner.

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Table of Contents


Page 3.....Contents

Section One - Fundamental Exercises to Get You Started

Page 6.....Section Foreword
Page 7.....Key to Notation
Page 7.....Dynamics
Page 8.....Values of Notes
Page 9.....Counting
Page 10...Four Rudiments and a Rock Beat
Page 11...Metronome Studies

Section Two - Start Sounding Like a Drummer

Page 12.....Section Foreword
Page 13.....25 Fills Around the Kit
Page 14.....3 Systems for Notating Fills
Page 15.....Six Different Rock Beats
Page 16.....Beats and Fills
Page 17.....More Beats and Fills
Page 18.....Piece I - Putting Some Ideas Together
Page 19.....Piece II - Latinesque
Page 20.....Piece III - Bass Drum Workout
Page 21.....Piece IV - Latin Bass Drum Workout

Section Three - Melodic Patterns

Page 22.....Section Foreword
Page 23.....Melodic Patterns
Page 24.....Piece V - Mellow Funk

Section Four - Funkifying The Rock Beat

Page 25.....Section Foreword
Page 26.....Funkifying The Rock Beat
Page 27.....Six Different Funky Rock Beats
Page 28.....Piece VI - Jungle Dance

Section Five - Hi-Hat Variations

Page 29.....Section Foreword
Page 30.....Hi-hat Off Beats - Study 1
Page 31.....Opening The Hi-hat - Study 1
Page 32.....Opening The Hi-hat - Study 2
Page 33.....Hi-hat Off Beats Study 2
Page 34.....Developing the Internal Metronome

Section Six - More Fills

Page 35.....Section Foreword
Page 36.....Short Fills - On Beat 4
Page 37.....More Fills Around The Kit
Page 38.....Funky Fills

Section Seven - 12/8 Feel and Shuffle Feel

Page 39.....Section Foreword
Page 40.....Six Different 12/8 Beats
Page 41.....Piece VI - Twelve Eight Bass Drum Workout
Page 42.....Six Different Shuffle Beats
Page 43.....25 Triplet Fills Around The Kit
Page 44.....Piece VII Bass Drum Workout-Shuffle
Page 45.....Advancing the Shuffle Groove

Section Eight - Sixteen Beat

Page 46.....Section Foreword
Page 47.....Six Different Sixteen Beats
Page 48.....Funkified Sixteen Beat

Section Nine - Advancing the Bass Drum

Page 49.....Section Foreword
Page 50.....Advancing The Bass Drum
Page 51.....Advancing The Bass Drum Even More!
Page 52.....Advancing The Bass Drum Even More-With Added Funk Factor!

Section Ten - Advanced Technical Application

Page 53.....Section Foreword
Page 54.....Alternative Triplet Stickings and Applications
Page 55.....Application of Paradiddles

Section Eleven - Introducing Jazz

Page 56.....Section Foreword
Page 57.....Introducing Jazz
Page 58.....Ideas in Jazz
Page 59.....Independence Chart 1
Page 60.....Independence Chart 2
Page 61.....Independence Chart 3

Section Twelve - Improvisation

Page 62.....What is CD57?

Think Drums - For Beginners to Advanced.
Think Rock Drums - For Beginners to Intermediate.
Think Big Band Drums - For Advanced Players Only
Four Solos... - For Intermediate Players.
The Ultimate Timing Challenge - For All Musicians
Special Offer

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This course is loaded with instruction!! Buy the book now. £4.99