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Drum Books

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...Think Drums ...Think Rock Drums ...Think Big Band Drums ...Four Accents Solos For Drum Kit


Think Drums - For Beginners to Advanced.
Think Rock Drums - For Beginners to Intermediate.
Think Big Band Drums - For Advanced Players Only
Four Solos... - For Intermediate Players.
The Ultimate Timing Challenge - For All Musicians
Special Offer


Also Available - MP3 Download. The Ultimate Timing Challenge

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What happens when you purchase ebooks?

Once you buy we will email you using the email provided in your PayPal or credit card payment. This email will contain a link to a web page where you can download the book and audio by simply clicking where it says 'click'. It's that simple!

We will then email you again to confirm that the link has been sent. There is 100% customer support in the unlikely event that you may have any difficulties downloading the book and audio. Enjoy the books!