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The UK Mingus Collective had a lovely day out at Southport yesterday. Thanks to Geoff, Sue and Roy for looking after us so well.
Some videos uploaded to the Mingus band's webpage. Next gig is at the Hull Jazz Festival on 18th of July.

While searching through some old boxes I found this on a floppy disc. (remember those?).
This is the dissertation I did as an undergraduate. It's called Jazz on Terrestrial Television - A Commercial Commodity? Written in 1999, it's wildly out of date now but none-the-less, holds some fascinating facts and figures. I decided to upload it here after hearing about Jazz Services campaign for more jazz on the BBC.
My tone of writing is somewhat disparaging. I was young!

Hope you enjoy reading it.
Download Jazz on Terrestrial Television - A Commercial commodity?

Broadcast on 27th of April 2010, this is my interview on Robert Gibson's Jazz Scene.
Sorry - the hiss is from my own recording equipment!
Click play below to listen.

Robert Gibson